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Parrots and People- a Relationship of Conflict
Wednesday, January 07 2004 @ 10:52 PM UTC
Contributed by: Tami Myers
Views: 13648
Shelters and Rescue Parrots and People…A Relationship of Conflict

We have all seen the baby parrots in pet stores. They are so darn adorable- helpless, cuddly creatures who crave our attention. They tug at our heartstrings as they beg for warm foods and snuggle up to us. We have read numerous articles on their intelligence and are in awe of their ability to converse in our languages. We are well aware of how breathtakingly beautiful they are when they are fully feathered adults -- But are you aware that the hundreds or even thousands of dollars you are spending on this delightful “pet” may likely be a waste of your money? You are only gambling your hard-earned cash in the hopes that your new purchase will retain those cuddly- baby attributes.

Parrots are wild animals, even if they were hatched in captivity.

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