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Feathered Friends Expanding!
Tuesday, January 10 2012 @ 06:15 PM UTC
Contributed by: birdrescueron
Views: 30167
Shelters and Rescue With over 800 birds, Feathered Friends Forever is now America's largest nonprofit Rescue & Sanctuary for abandoned, abused and unwanted parrots of all sizes.

FFF is working to double the size of Parrot Paradise Park. 5 acres are being cleared to install new state of the art outdoor aviaries. These will include running water streams, permanent metal roofing, misting systems to reduce summer heat and automated feeding systems. The first of this design houses cockatoos and they love it!

There will also be a large central pond as a source for the streams which will be filtered before entering each aviary. This way each parrot can drink and bathe in clean running water as they do in the wild. Each aviary will be 18ft (6m) wide and range from 40ft (19m) to 80ft (38m) depending on species so all the birds have room for full flights. Natural foliage and play toys will accent each enclosure to keep the birds mentally and physically stimulated.

There will also be outdoor housing for those special needs birds who must be kept in individual cages. Some of these were abused or otherwise not social in a flock environment. Each will have a large mini-flight area so it can enjoy the outdoors and still communicate with other birds.

You have the opportunity to sponsor all or part of these new aviaries with permanent signage displaying your company or personal message. The pond is also available as an advertising area. Contact for details. Please put New Flight Sponsor in the subject line.

Feathered Friends continues it's 13th year in 2011. It is a licensed Georgia animal shelter, fully inspected and approved. It is both 501c3 and 509 nonprofit structured so your donations are tax deductible. The entire staff, including CEO and Board are all unpaid volunteers. Every dollar donated goes into the operation of the Rescue. Current costs are exceeding $200 US per DAY with over 2000 pounds of food consumed each month. FFF does not receive any funding from local or state governments but must rely on the generosity of people like you.

The Rescue is open to the public on weekends and invites schools and other organizations to visit. FFF also cares for parrots belonging to military personnel who are stationed overseas. You can sign up for the free monthly newsletter via the website.

That website is
and it includes links to donate and an adoption application if you can provide a home to one of these loving feathered companions.

Your donation, regardless of size, would be greatly appreciated by all the parrots who have found a loving home at Feathered Friends Forever.

Thank You!


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