Here's a song I wrote for the video, called
Fly Parrot Fly (3Mb)
about what's up with the parrots.

(Recorded with the help of my brother Ron)


Sounds from the wild

This is a recording of a pair of Yellow-headed amazon parrots calling to their neighbors.

611K AIFF format (Mac)
611K .WAV format (Windows)


This is a recording of Yellow-crowned amazons (Amazona ochrocephala) duetting, recorded along the Tambopata River in Peru. Yellow_crown.mp3

This is a nice example of duetting from a pair of Yellow-naped amazon parrots (Amazona auropalliata) Yellow_nape.mp3

Get the full video...
One hour, VHS

Stalking the

Wild Amazons

1 MB

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